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Abiotic factors (abiotic components)

Nonliving factors that influences the life and activities of an organism (ex: light, temperaturewater, pH…).

Alternative hypothesis (H1)

The opposite to the null hypothesis; it considers that the observations are the result of a real effect and not due only to change (null hypothesis).

ANOVA (analysis of variance)

A statistical method developed by R. A. Fischer used to test whether two or more sample means have been obtained from populations with the same sample mean. When only two samples are involved, the Student’s t-test can also be used. The analysis of variance is however more general in the sense that it can be used to test simultaneously three of more samples.



Short for Biological Diversity, the term is used to refer the variety of life on Earth and all of the natural processes; variety of different species (species diversity), genetic variability among individuals (genetic diversity), variety of ecosystems (ecological diversity) and variety of functions such as energy flow and matter cycling (functional diversity). 


It concerns the patterns of distribution of species over the face of the globe and understanding the origins and mechanisms which determine the distribution.

Biotic Factors (biotic components)

Any living factor that affects another organism; plants, animals, fungi, protist and bacteria are all biotic or living factors.


See habitat



Populations of all species living and interacting in an area at a particular time.


Negative interaction between organisms caused by their need for a common resource. Competition may occur between individuals of the same species (intraspecific competition) or of different species (interspecific competition).

Computer Game

As for game but played on some for of computing device, such as a PC, a games-console like Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox, or Nintendo GameCube.

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